Two new features at ArtemisFest 2022

In expanding our mission of diversity and women onstage together, we’ve added two new features to the festival this year. The first is our opening songwriter round. Long a tradition in Nashville, this set will have 3 women showing what they’re all about before the bands take the stage. This year’s writers includes Bonner Black, Autumn Nicholas, and Tiffany Huggins Grant.

Our second addition is our Champions Initiative. Each of our music artists will be introducing and featuring someone they personally think should be getting a closer look and a bigger audience. Check them out for yourself. Get your tickets today at

Hot artists, cool setting for Oct. 8th

This year’s line-up is a strong one from beginning to end! Nashville legends Frankie Staton and Jonell Mosser will be representing as a full roster of known and loved artists fill out the bill. Including such favorites as Minton Sparks, Steff Mahan, and Rachel Rodriguez, this year’s stage will also include strong newcomers Mya Byrne and Valierie Ellis Hawkins. Staying true to our mission of introducing fans to new talent they’ll love, there will be plenty of surprise guests as well. Get your tickets today at

A look back at our first fest

If you missed us last year, you missed a lot! The weather was beautiful, the setting was idyllic, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the music was amazing! Our lineup of Jonell Mosser, Autumn Nicholas, Shelly Fairchild, Mercy Bell, Steff Mahan, Luisa Lopez, and surprise guest Odessa Settles lit up the stage – thrilling longtime fans in the crowd while making plenty of new ones. Food trucks, vendors, and even hayrides form the parking lot set the stage for a relaxed day of fun and music. Based on rave reviews from both attendees and artists, we’re planning to be back for another round in 2022. Watch for date, lineup and other details to come. We can’t wait!